Subsidy Programs Phone Service through Universal Service Fund

Through the Universal Service Fund, the Telecommunications Regulatory Board of Puerto Rico provides subsidies for the payment of the monthly rent of wired telephone service (residential) and mobile (cellular) for people with low income.
Subsidy programs are:
  • Lifeline:
In conjunction with the Federal Universal Service Fund and State, the Lifeline program provides a monthly allowance of $ 13.50 on income from telephone service (residential or mobile).
  • Link-Up:
Provided through the Federal Universal Service Fund, Link-Up provides a reduction in the cost of installation or activation of telephone service, equivalent to half of the charge or thirty dollars ($ 30.00), whichever is less.
It also includes a deferred payment plan for the remaining places where the user does not pay interest for a term not exceeding one year on the installation or activation charges, up to two hundred dollars ($ 200.00).
To be eligible to receive grants of Lifeline and Link-Up, each applicant must have income below the levels established in the Federal Poverty Guidelines. To check your eligibility for income, you can view the table of current income by family composition attached or visit the website
May also be eligible if you receive benefits from one or more of the following benefit programs:
  • Nutrition Assistance Program (NAP)
  • Federal Section 8 Housing
  • Energy Assistance Program for Low Income
  • Medical Assistance (Medicaid)
  • School Lunch Program
  • Program "Temporary Assistance to Needy Families" (TANFT)
At present, all companies providing telephone service in Puerto Rico can offer subsidy to eligible persons through programs Lifeline and Link-Up. For more information, call 787-756-0804 or toll free at 1-866-578-5500. You can also contact the Telecommunications Board by email at the following address:
For more information on Federal grant programs, visit the website created by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).