How do I make or receive a relay call? 
The person with a hearing loss dials a relay operator and types a number for a Puerto Rico resident or business. The relay operator then calls that number and announces "This is the Puerto Rico Relay Service. Have you received a relay call before?" If the called party answers yes, then the call proceeds. If the answer is no, then the operator will explain that the other person is a person with a hearing loss and is using a Text Telephone (TTY) to type to the operator, and the operator is relaying the call as read. The operator will then proceed to relay the message from both sides.
What devices do I need to be able to place a relay call? 
The most common device used by a hearing person is a standard telephone. For a deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired individual, the most commonly used device is a TTY (text telephone device). However, the equipment you need may vary depending upon the type of relay service you use. A voice-carryover (VCO) phone may also be an option. For more information on how to obtain a device in your area that meets your specific needs, call Relay Customer Service at 1-800-676-3777. In some cases, it may be available at little or no cost to you via the Equipment Distribution Program.
How much does relay cost? 
There is no charge for using Puerto Rico Relay within your local calling area.
Will my calls be confidential? 
All relay calls are strictly confidential. Federal law requires strict confidentiality on the part of Communications Assistants (CAs). Therefore, no part of the conversation that takes place between 2 callers is revealed or stored in written or verbal form.
How do I set up my Customer Database Profile? 
You have several options for setting up your profile. You can call customer service and set it up over the phone; you can have them mail you a form that you can fill out and mail or fax back; you can also fill out a form online. For more information on the Customer Database Profile, click here.